Rob Carolane is an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator specialising in strategic planning, issues analysis and community engagement.

Facilitation looks deceptively simple. To be 'consciously competent' requires specialist skill and knowledge.

Rob Carolane plays a vital role in enabling people to find 'best possible' solutions to complex problems.

Listening, respect, planning, commitment, leadership and realising it's not all about you - these are keys to navigating change.

Rob Carolane will guide you through a process that allows your wisdom and that of others to be shared.

Rob Carolane is an outrage management specialist. He has trained and worked with Dr Peter Sandman, world leader in outrage management.

Twin Prism Consulting

Twin Prism Consulting provides specialist facilitation and community engagement services. Facilitation is the tool that enables communities and/or groups to collaboratively address their needs and concerns.

Complex issues with no single straightforward answer are best dealt with in a collaborative manner. When professionally facilitated, the benefits of collaborative analysis and decision-making are clear:

  • The work of the organisation is valued
  • Culture, rights and autonomy of the group are strengthened
  • Each participant feels safe and respected
  • Each participant gains a greater understanding of the big picture, specific issues and how they impact on decision-making
  • Best possible outcomes are identified, and
  • Participants share a high-level of acceptance and ownership of the outcomes.

Twin Prism’s principal consultant, Rob Carolane has vast experience working in regional Victoria.

Rob has facilitated projects including major engagement projects, multi day events with up to 150 participants, and intense small group projects lasting only a few hours.

Rob’s high-level interpersonal skills and ability to manage complexity enables people with different, often conflicting, agendas to work together and contribute fully to the decision-making process.

Good decisions create trust. Rob will steer you through structured, proven engagement processes to find the best possible outcome to your current organisational challenges. Rob’s expert facilitation will result in increased trust and understanding amongst team members, partners, stakeholders and community members.