Issues Analysis

Issues analysis

When faced with a complex decision, we need to stand back, do a scan of the operational environment, and consider all the issues in depth. Issues analysis often feeds into the development of an

  • Issues paper
  • Directions paper
  • Strategic planning session brief, or
  • Community engagement project brief.

With Rob Carolane managing the process, the first step in any analysis project is listening. Stakeholders, partners and employees are given an opportunity to contribute to a complete picture of the organisation, including the political, economic and social pressures being faced, before moving forward.

When it comes to issues analysis, Rob offers specialist expertise in the following industry sectors:

  • Natural resource management
  • Infrastructure development
  • Local government
  • Waste management
  • Sustainability
  • Climate change adaptation, and
  • Alternative energy development.


When we think about evaluation, we often think about the end of a project. But equally important is the work at inception, setting strategic direction, establishing the evaluation process, and putting the appropriate measures in place.

It can also help to conduct an evaluation mid-project to re-confirm or vary project outcomes and priorities by asking:

  • Where are we headed?
  • How should we readjust?
  • What changes should we make?
  • What’s possible in the remaining time and budget?

The process of evaluation may include interviews, workshops, analysis and reporting, and is often a precursor of strategic planning.