Strategic Planning

Strategic direction setting & visioning

Professionally facilitated strategy sessions allow senior management, key stakeholders and partners to participate freely in the planning process. Results can be surprising.

Some clients feel that a facilitator should have extensive industry expertise. The truth is that you, your staff, partners, stakeholders, and community already have all the expertise you need to make good decisions.

Rob will guide you through a process that allows your wisdom to be shared and assists in developing best possible solutions.

Using proven, structured processes to guide discussion, Rob will ensure that well-founded solutions emerge that respond to your organisational challenges, policy environment, funding environment and drivers of change.

Strategic planning

Rob Carolane will create a safe, energized, unified climate that allows management, staff, partners and stakeholders to participate ‘without fear or favour’ in planning sessions. With his professional guidance, the tendency to protect one’s turf will be significantly reduced.

Rob will guide your group through a process that ensures all voices are heard, respect is maintained, and forward progress is made. In the end, actions are identified with all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed. This enables implementation, accountability and monitoring.

Team building

Team building is a process of listening and gaining respect for each other’s views and opinions. It is often a by-product of collaborative decision-making.

Groups get stronger the better they understand one another. Whether we’re talking about staff, management, stakeholders or business partners, the sharing of information about individual’s roles, responsibilities and pressures helps build a team.