Consultation, facilitation and shared benefits

A recent article published on ABC Online by Ketan Joshi, Consultation is the key to curing wind turbine syndrome made some interesting observations about gaining permission from communities.

As more infrastructure projects need to be placed in the increasingly crowded built and natural environments, we will have to look for tradeoffs. The common starting point often seems to be “Not in my backyard!”

But perhaps the conversation should be focused on “What would you like in your backyard?” Sometimes the key to finding the best possible solution is asking the right questions. If you don’t ask, you won’t find out.

Ketan’s article highlights not only the value of consultation but also the need to find mutually beneficial outcomes. He writes:

The deployment of clean technology across Australia as a means of reducing our reliance on fossil fuels will be stewarded by tight-knit Australian communities. The companies that develop, operate and maintain large-scale generation assets fuelled by renewable resources can only benefit from community ownership and engagement.

In my experience, when infrastructure projects are at stake, professionally facilitated community consultation goes a long way towards building trust. Talk to Twin Prism Consulting about your next community engagement project. Sound ethics and a generosity of spirit is what sets us apart.

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