Facilitating change successfully

Communities and organisations (another form of community) often identify the need to change but then seem to actively resist it.

I recently took the opportunity to study with Bob Dick, one of Australia’s ‘living legends’ in the facilitation family.  The topic was ‘Successful Change – overcoming the obstacles’.

Bob is a great storyteller and teacher, and uses his 60 years of work experience to illustrate his teaching; it’s always worth getting back for the start of each session to hear the next story.

Change is a journey. First it requires agreement about who is travelling and the destination.  The travellers can then plan the journey, utilising available resources and anticipating barriers such as time and politics.  The journey begins with action, and then moves to monitoring and adjustment in a cycle using the desired destination to provide a sense of direction and purpose.

Bob Dick reinforced a lot of my own experience working with change, which is a great way to learn. He also provided me with some great new models and insights to add to my toolkit

Twin Prism Consulting, working with you as an independent facilitator, can provide skills, emotional detachment, and a focus on the process and destination of the change.  The twists and turns of the journey become a pathway to change, not a closed loop of stagnation.

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