2013 Project Credits

Albury Wodonga Health, Consumer Participation Training Package

Training workshops to increase the awareness of staff and volunteers about processes and tools to enable consumer participation to meet corporate objectives.

Department of Planning and Community Development, Kinglake Ranges Children and Youth Strategy Round Table

Facilitation of a meeting with multiple partners which provide support to children and young people recovering from the impacts of fire in the Kinglake Ranges.  The purpose was to develop agreed recommendations to the Emergency Management and Education Ministers.

EPA Victoria, Illegal Dumping Strike Force

Facilitation of a two-day workshop with team members to analyse relationships and progress, set strategic direction for the remainder of the program, and identify areas for change and action.

Goulburn-Murray Water, Greens Lake Land and On-water Management Plan

Engagement with multiple stakeholders informing the development and finalisation of the Greens Lake LOWMP.

Goulburn-Murray Water, Northern Victorian Irrigation Renewal Project (NVIRP) Engagement Advice to Special Projects

Provision of specialist advice to project staff about engaging with stakeholders on the Kerang Lakes By-pass, Gunbower Lagoons modernization, and Swan Hill modernisation projects. Main advice provided in 2012.

Goulburn-Murray Water, Cairn Curran Reservoir – Land and On-water Management Plan

Engagement with multiple stakeholders informing the development and finalisation of the Cairn Curran Reservoir LOWMP.

Goulburn-Murray Water, Lake Eppalock – Land and On-water Management Plan

Engagement with multiple stakeholders informing the development and finalisation of the Lake Eppalock LOWMP.

Goulburn-Murray Water, Lake William Hovell – Land and On-water Management Plan

Engagement with multiple stakeholders informing the development and finalisation of the Lake William Hovell LOWMP.

Goulburn-Murray Water, Lake Buffalo – Land and On-water Management Plan

Engagement with multiple stakeholders informing the development and finalisation of the Lake Buffalo LOWMP.

Hepburn Shire Council, Volunteeer Awareness Support

Provision to Hepburn Shire Council of an understanding of the volunteer support needs identified during an earlier project and to build commitment to supporting volunteers.

High Country Library Corporation, Strategic Planning

Facilitation of a strategic planning workshop with senior staff from multiple sites.

Municipal Association of Victoria, Working Together to Deliver

Assistance to the leadership teams of newly elected Councillors and senior staff to jointly identify strategic priorities, and develop interpersonal understanding and agreements for working together.

Mount Alexander Shire Council, Castlemaine Outdoor Pool Redevelopment

Engagement with stakeholders to identify the issues that would need to be addressed while considering redevelopment options for the Castlemaine Outdoor Pool. The engagement was conducted after a recent proposal to develop an aquatic facility had been rejected by the community.

Mount Alexander Shire Council, Castlemaine Community Planning

Engagement with stakeholders to identify the values of Castlemaine that would need to be considered in developing a Castlemaine Community Plan.

Mount Alexander Shire Council, Respect Include Engage

Development and delivery of a community engagement training package to a wide cross section of MASC staff (delivered initially to 25% of staff) to enable them to implement the MASC community engagement policy and commitments.

North East Catchment Management Authority, Box Grassy Woodlands

A large project to assess the effectiveness of the Box Grassy Woodlands Project in protecting this endangered vegetation class on private land.  The project explored the potential for using Box Grassy Woodlands in northeast and north central Victoria as productive land while protecting the vegetation class.  The project included facilitating a forum of 40 experts, including academics, extension staff, landscape managers and land owners to analyse the issues impacting on the project and its outcomes.

NevRwaste, Strategic Direction Setting

A strategic direction setting workshop to gather the strategic thinking of the newly-formed board to enable NerRwaste to establish their 2013-14 business plan.

Ovens and King Community Health, Working in Partnerships

Delivery of a full day training workshop for O and K staff and partners working in health promotion to be effective partners in delivering projects.

Winton Wetlands, Partnership Engagement and Communications Framework

Engagement with board and staff to develop content and write the Winton Wetlands Partnership, Engagement and Communications Framework, a strategic document to enable the brand of Winton Wetlands to be strengthened over time.

East Gippsland Shire Council, Mallacoota Sustainable Energy Feasibility Study

Provision of engagement advice, and planning, delivery and writing of communications material to inform the community of the project.  The overall project aim was to determine the feasibility of different alternative energy sources to provide a more reliable electricity supply to Mallacoota.  Engagement was to determine the social acceptability of different options and build awareness of the issues involved.

Mt Buller Alpine Resorts Board, Sustainable Water Security Project

Provision of engagement advice and development of ‘inform’ communication messages to the GHD Project Team during the feasibility stage of the project.  Overall project aim is to build an off-stream storage reservoir on the mountain to provide water reserves and reliability for snowmaking and resort water supply.

North East Water, Community Engagement Strategy and Manual

Development of a corporate strategy to guide community engagement commitment and practice within the organisation based on staff and executive workshops and detailed liaison with engagement staff.  Final product was a strategy and operations manual.

North East Water, Community Engagement Project Advice

Provision of specific engagement planning and advice to internal community engagement team and project staff.

Parks Victoria, Alpine Intensive Management Project Review

Facilitation of a workshop to review and evaluate the AIM Delivery Model and make recommendations for adjustment.

Murray Valley Sanctuary Refugee Group, Direction Setting Workshop

Facilitation of a one-day workshop to analyse the current regulations and possibilities for assisting refugees and to identify the appropriate future direction of the organisation.

Mittagundi Outdoor Education Centre, Strategic Planning Workshop

Facilitation of a one-day strategic planning workshop to enable development of the 2013-15 Strategic Plan.